Aliens, UFO’s, and the Flat Earth

Genesis 3:4 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die.


mikako says:

ので、過去の聖書や神と言う表現に囚われるのは 五感を磨く妨げになるかと私は思います。

Jeanne Langendoerfer says:

Very thought provoking video for many reasons .I am aware of the ancients
obvious veneration of the snake. Also the spiritual analogy from the
garden….onward and the fact that at no time have I ever seen a dead snake
that died of natural causes but obviously killed in some manner. I lived
in the jungle-rainforest of Belize for 13 yrs. Snakes! Could you please
explain your resource or clue or thoughts about the DNA?That they had done
it and are once again doing it? My thought is I need to ask what and how
you came to this conclusion I would appreciate the share .I think this is
important. Thankyou, once again.

jhenningkelloggia says:
beatusqui says:

The Flat Earth – Thomas Dolby

beatusqui says:

4 U :)

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