Giant Aliens “Worms – UFOs” in the Earth’s atmosphere – Shooting with the ISS January 13, 2013

You can see the undulating motion anomalies – worms. This is not a cloud! The movement can be seen through the filters in the video. What was it – you decide…


POPpetknows says:

please wtch my videos i posted a response to you 🙂 !!!

Paul Dempsey says:

Yep that is deffo a large worm in shape of a cloud .. wot a clever worm .. lol

Ken Cawthorne says:


shanivan54 says:

Но вы можете четко сказать, что это видео ничего не стоит вообще ..

Klingel Samir says:

sieht aus wie eine tarnung, oder ein kamera phänomen

Вишталюк Виталий says:

Пространственная аномалия!

RaumschiffeimOrbit says:

I like your Video
Thank you

TheMadAstronomer says:


Astin Berd says:


myunhauzen74 says:

Думаю, не стоит вступать в реплику….

TheMadAstronomer says:

Are you a meteorologist or do you have any appropriate education?

theno1katzman says:

nice catch, do you know what continent we are looking at that this flew over?

klopmarick says:

not sure if srs.. -,-


There is a lot going on that most are unaware of and have no knowledge about. Like the rails/sky worms, maybe they are a species that has lived amongst of for a very long time. They move so fast that the human eye can not catch them. Lots of interesting stuff out there and science surely does not know it all. We have much to learn yet.

sandra kirk says:

Fair catch with no disrespected I had seen it and didn’t think much of it. It’s not really doing anything it looks like clouds, but thanks for sharing. Australia

Alvantara Ivanova says:

вирус в голограмме)) или поле тарелки защитное глючное было)))

zita975 says:

The Wandjina..the fertility of all species derives from them..the Wandjina emerge from the clouds and return to them.

eyeoftheangel says:

They are seeding the atmosphere and have been for over a decade!

FlameXIII says:

относительно нашей планеты столько хрени непонятной происходит, а всех беспокоит всякая повседневная фигня.

Siarhei Shaganov says:

а может очередное какое “явление”????

Siarhei Shaganov says:

НдаАААА! Вопрос???!!!

obma812 says:


Jaysin5506 says:


bluekron77 says:


MyNickdanger says:

Looks like a Huge UFO, cloaking! Nice Catch! The Truth is Up There!! Peace, Friend! Nick

andrew8102 says:

What tha h3ll is that?!!

Cloaking, Haarp or whatever,,,, WTF is that??

Nice catch dowg!


patjekees74 says:

Looks like nasa has their own recognition program for these things

beefree1 says:

Dear Time Traveling Extended family members…. please stop cloaking yourselves…its time for people to wake up !!!

Shermanator Osborn says:

good eye 

La Traviata says:

Looks like some sort of cloaking technology…

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