10 Things You Didn’t Know About Area 51

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Area 51 Conspiracies surround this top-secret base. Find out what’s not theory in 10 things you didn’t know about Area 51. Area 51: A Secret Alien Testing…


Alltime10s says:

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Area 51 -http://youtu.be/RqeHLr1z6II

Conspiracies surround this top-secret base. Find out what’s not theory in
10 things you didn’t know about Area 51.

Alltime10s says:

Prepare to have your mind blown! Working on a new video.. 10 Reasons You
Might Not Exist!

Alltime10s says:

You guys asked for it, so we made it! Enjoy.. :D

Charlotte Bell says:

What is area 51?

James Mc says:

Here is a thing that you should know, first area 51 has it’s secrets.Well
one day a ship crashed into the desert all the people gathered around to
see what it was, and when they came to the place where the ship
crashed….. they’ve never seen a ship like that, they took pictures and
etc…. they tough’t that in the ship there where aliens, and when the US
forces arrived to the place where the incident had happen’d, they brought
helicopters and some cranes which picked up the crashed ship and took it to
area 51 to be investigated, then US government payed around 10.000$ to
every one of those people who had taken the pictures and told them to
delete them all, and if they delete the pictures they would get payed
10.000$ and that’s what they did.Then they had been researching the ship in
area 51 for years and people still tough’t that the ship was an alien
ship.Year 2013. Spy’s entered area 51 and took pictures of the research,
and it wasn’t a alien ship it was a russian spy plane which was spying USA
in cold war, and they where researching it for any clues, so there is no
aliens at all, this is true what i am telling you it’s not made up. its was
also on the TV news and stuff…… etc….

George Bee says:

that was incredibly boring!

Tsjernobylol says:

I seriously have my doubts about this guys videos. The “facts” carried out
are very doubtful and based upon nothing. Also the “alien brothel” @ 0:57
has a sign outside with a euro currency sign (€ 2) . You would expect that
a whorehouse in the middle of the Nevada desert only accepts Dollars and
not European currency….

shadowgames3119 says:

Can someone acually explain what area 51 is? Cuz suprisingly i dont

Deadpoolion1 says:

1:44 did anyone else see the alien face?

jwhaler82 says:

Just 10?

Johnny Cage says:

this has to be fake, know one knows anything about area 51 not even the
people who work there

cade hileman says:

hmm 10 things hah more like a million things

Yamikage Takara says:

only the scout or the spy could get into this place 

rubikfan1 says:

the ailen thing is just a cover up.
they build military airplanes and other devices.
it main perpes back in 1950(dont know the exact date). was to make secrets
new aircraft, agianst the sovjet union. like the black bird. it was so
secret, in the hope the enimie (sovet at the time) didnt get the

the ailens spotting, where just flying planes that havent flown befor.
thats why nobody reconize it. and the goverment took the oppertonity. so
consiel it real perpose. i mean, who whould believe the lonatik.

what are they doing there now? who know. maby some newer figher jet or a
thank. especially with the ukrain crisis.

campos3452 says:

Area-51 is where they found the fallen Angel Azezeil he is the one giving
us all the ideas technologies, atom bomb ect,. they have him locked up!

Solokeh Krontos says:

Aren’t brothels illegal in the US?

Manu Alteirac says:

The site area 51 is so top secret that even the Aliens risk a prison
sentence of 5 years for all intrusion.

pie189 says:

Omg guise dere is totally alienz dat dey gots dere

Isaiah Sliverrider says:

2:27 alien face appears like if you see this

shadobian11 says:

You want to know a place more secret than area 51? A base no one knows

Samet Gidici says:

I’m watching bits of turkey Turkish’m glad English is not very good if you

xX_SWAGMaster420_Xx says:

faze clan font

flashman6342 says:

ayy lmao

Richard Thaxton says:

This should be titled, 10 Things Everyone Knows About Area 51.

Salty der Regenmacher says:


MrYungTurk says:

dude, im a mexican that has recently travelled to ukraine and the ad
youtube forced me to watch was an arabic spice ad in arabic that looked
like a bollywood movie. that just totally blew my mind. lets see if the
video can compete.

Wyatt Wilmot says:

Hopefully now that it’s finally been declassified, people will shut up with
the bloody stupid alien “theories” surrounding Area 51. Drunk ignorant
locals unsurprisingly mistake experimental air force craft for “aliens”,
although to some degree it’s hard to blame as we tested some pretty strange
aircraft during the sixties and seventies.

terry donkers says:

spend the night with a lady stormtrooper? why not go a step higher? i want
to spend the night with a lady twi’lek!!!!!!

Sam Sabean says:

Everybody knows what happens in area 51, so why does the government keep it
secret still? It’s just frustrating the world

Mr.Browneyed Beast says:

Yep, aaaaaaaaaaaaand there goes my sleep again _ 

Zainab Rana says:

Do you know what’s more secret then Area 51 area 52!

Mycenaea says:

So Area 51 is gone now?

ben jilbert says:

Number 10 I knew and number one instead of cardboard the Soviet union would
try and see what the planes looked like from there shadows on the ground
since they couldn’t pick up the planes on radar they could do this by
picking up the heat signatures left by the shadows when the were heated by
the engines exhaust so the workers would paint fake decoys on the ground
with paint to represent the shadow and heat it up with heaters to make the
Soviets think that was the the planes shadow

Anubis PK says:

Misleading thumbnail, wasn’t even in the video, -1

NIRVANAmat says:

is it bad that i pretty much knew all this stuff?

Bloodgore98000 says:

it is ovious that area 51 holds aliens and stuff

Obeijin says:

Area 51 was closed down and moved sometime in the mid 90’s. You people are
being fooled.

lukas svensson says:
lukasrocks1000 says:

whats with the face at 2:28 ?

James A Clouder says:

#11 Area 51 is just part of the much larger base

Drackon says:

fun fact about little and big john that dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki…
in little john, only 0,8 grams of plutonium detonated, and in big john only
1.7 grams detonated…
both bombs contained over 1.5 kilograms of plutonium, and in the scenario
of all of it detonating, all of japan, and a large part of china and russia
would be leveled, and a tsunami would form of estimated 75 meters high…
long live luck… o-o

SavvySteak says:

So, they come to my state for lobster?
I doubt that very much. Never seen anything too unusual around here. 

Tazzy Martin says:

Jesus the nuke was bigger than the Hiroshima atomic bomb

Jack DaRapper says:

I’m so scared! God bless America and no place else! 

Matija Vavro says:

For someone that has ”nothing” to hide that sure is a lot of seacurity

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