5 Most Mysterious Photos From Mars

The 5 most mysterious photographs taken on Mars, from a strange ball of light shining up from the ground to a humanoid shape that looks impossibly like Big F…


gorilla199 says:

Just like the so called “Moon Landings”
Fairy Tales for the gullible.

RumbleGear says:

To all the “Christians” out there who think these pictures are fake. Why?
Why do you think they’re fake, why do you WANT them to be fake? I’m a
Christian and I find all the discoveries of the universe extremely

If you’re like me who thing that the Universe was created why wouldn’t you
want to explore it? Also to the Christians who thing the universe is 10,000
years old is also extremely oblivious. 

Marfor (Son Of Lucifer) says:

To all you Christians out there…

God came down to Earth and impregnated a virgin so he could give birth to
himself, so he is also his own father who decided to screw his own mother.
Then he sacrificed himself, to himself, in order to save mankind from
sinning. (Which he would have already known they would have done if he is
supposedly ‘Omniscient’)

You people are absurd for believing in that shit, yet deny all evidence of
alien life…

gorilla199 says:

Anyone who believes any of these ‘photos’ are from Mars better get back to
watching Star Trek and imagining they are part of the crew

These ‘photos’ are FAKE FAKE FAKE!

Purple MadKats says:

Christians who dont know what their talking about, its fact, or opinion,
evolution is a fact, religion is an opinion 

Khalid Abdul Qadir says:

5 Most Mysterious Photos From Mars o:
5 fotos más misteriosos de Marte o:
5 صور (مثيرة للغموض )من المريخ

Michael Desanta says:

Fake, space doesn’t exist!

Robert Murdoc says:

I personally believe that Mars “was” exactly like our today’s Earth just
million years ago and maybe the constant meteor rocks crushin down changed
Mars dramaticly and species had to force themselfs to abandon there home
and find another suitable Planet to live. I can’t wait if someday people
will land on Mars and find treasures and such from the Past.

iheartbella100 says:

Fake if God wants people on mars then he can put ppl on mars we are NOT
monkeys nor ever were but right now God does not want ppl on mars and
whoever disagrees with me i have disabled replies so you can take your crap
and piss off because it is my choice to believe what i want and you can’t
tell me what to believe because i am christian and I AM PROUD so screw yall
who say god is fake there is no heaven nor hell see where you end up and
one last thing…. GO READ THE BIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! im done screw yall who

Daniel Allen says:

I am sorry but trees on mars? Are you kidding me…mars doent have a
atmosphere (well a very thin one) trees couldnt even be there and ever
heard of raidiation?!

Lauren S.C. says:

Dude. I’ve subscribed to a fuckton of “lists” channels and they are usually
decent enough. Yours on the other hand, pretty brilliant. I love these
lists. I think the combination of the fantastic music and the top notch
graphics are why I like them so much. Thanks for working hard on these…
it has definitely paid off. I’ve shared many videos and even the actual
YouTube account everywhere. Because of these lists, I become more of
conspiracy theorist every single day and I have questioned EVERYTHING. Lol,
thanks bro. 

TheCoolApple GFX says:

TBH why would u want to go to mars to never return???? AND WHY ARE THEY

Jeff Graham says:

+Marfor (Son Of Lucifer) To be such an advocate to Lucifer don’t you have
to believe in God but root for the guy trying to destroy everything God
created? It seems fairly contradictory to call yourself (Son Of Lucifer)
but completely deny the book that explains the creation of him.It’s almost
like me saying “Yeah, that Hitler guy was pretty cool but “Mein Kampfe” and
the diary of Ann Frank are total BS.

dr4xal says:

There is no life on Mars. “Martians” do not exist. 

DmeshOnPS3 says:

spooky. i heard they may have found intelligent life on earth but i dont
believe it at all. the yeti looked cool, i hope he is real, lol

Damara Welch says:

Evolution is a theory, not a proven law! If your going to tel me that 12
billion years ago nothing came together and created everything……. who
is the crazy one here????

Dale Doback says:

God doesn’t exist, I’m not going to hell and you aren’t going to heaven.
When we die, nothing happens, at least I’m not wasting my life away like
you sheep.

Keep believing in slavery, racism, sexism, homophobia, talking snakes,
Noah’s ark (lol), and that the earth is only 10,000 years old..

I will make the most of my one life, learning as much as i can about the
world and universe around me. 

Marissa Cook says:

I do believe that there is extraterrestrial life out there, aka aliens.
It’s impossible that we are the ONLY PLANET with life on it. Space is
endless. There is at least ONE other planet, if not BILLIONS of other
planets with life on it, even if it’s only bacteria or protists or ANYTHING.
Yes, to sustain life, the planet has to have very specific combinations of
gasses and other things, but who’s to say that there aren’t other planets
with those specific combinations?
I’m not saying that there is other life in out Solar System. There might
not be…but there is a high chance that there is life in other Solar
I’m not saying that the ‘Hey, I spotted a UFO/Alien!’ videos you see on
YouTube are real. They aren’t. If there IS other life, what business would
they have with us? None. Why would they visit Earth other than a crash
landing? And why would their technology be so much more advanced than ours?
All I’m saying is that the alien videos you see on YouTube today are fake
99.99% of the time, but it’s impossible that we are the only form of life
in the universe.

Alex Cole says:

Mars. Four letter word. 4-1=3. There are three angles in a triangle.
Triangle= Illuminati.
The Illuminati is controlling Mars.

Any One says:

The reason why we have and NEED religion is to protect ourself from the
devil who is there to make people believe religion is bad or choose no
religion at all. If you even study the ORIGINAL book, you will only find
peace, answers and all that you need to live in the life God created for us.
Wars are directed by the devil and the disbelievers. The devil sets the
believers up against each other thinking killing is ok.. whether no
religion every approves this. First STUDY religion, before you talk about.
And not just read, but understand. Its a big difference.

Daniel Roman says:

God is real and you guys are just a bunch of stupid people who believe in
anything they see or anything that is said to be true.

Pinky Baloo says:

Seems to be a lot of gullible looney tunes who’ve been brainwashed by
conspiracy theorists. David Icke says the moon isn’t real.Its a spaceship.
LOL Wake up looney tunes and accept some truth for a fucking change.

Salvester De Graaf says:

If you belueve this then you’re not normal. Where are the rest of the
people on Mars hahahaha
Come on people, if you believe this than you believe in satan.
You think God like it that we go out of space.
This technology leads to the rfid chip.
Don’t think this is funny. If you don’t believe in Jesus, better look
whaymt he did for us. He died for all of us and He is soft ans sweetly.
Praise the Lord and His Son

Daniel Stud says:

Das wahr eindeutig mein Gesicht da auf em Mars ;-P

Ishiku Yūki says:

im sure the underground of mars carries some mysteries

quex213 says:

Not that i deny anything but to be honest when i saw the no.1 picture i
thought it was a picture from the set of star wars cuz i thought it was a
tusken rider. 

Heran Dawit says:

Mars,may be the 3rd earth(the second earth is found,we just can’t see it)

greg b says:

When will they wake up and see the truth we aren’t on mars never been to
the moon space travel is impossible. NASA are all liars and are taking our
$$$ but they make you believe in sci fi.

Billie Washburn-Clay says:

Here on Earth, since before Vietnam people have been building bomb
shelters. Who is to say that Mars is not inhabited, only by people under
the ground? Or by “martians” as they are called by us “earthlings”. I’m
not wise of the planetary ages, but think about it. How long do human
scientists believe we would have to stay underground if we did have a
nuclear war? How long would we stay under in our bunkers, our caves and
all that..before we came back out? I wonder about it..wonder if that’s
what’s going on up there. 

12 Tribe of Yasharahla says:

If there is anything up there, it’s fallen angels


Well, I’m an artist/designer and the so-called “Mars Yeti” is clearly a
statue of an elegant clothed woman hurled into its location from a
catastrophe, perhaps from flood waters, and it is partially buried. You
can even see her breast structure below her right arm, and the proportions
of the being have perfect anthropomorphic ratios of a human being; the
distance between the buttock, thigh and knee joint are perfect. It is
obviously cast in or made from a darker material contrary to the material
around it, perhaps a metal, like bronze, or a dark stone. This is clearly
an intelligently constructed artifact indicating a former civilization once
thrived on Mars in a primordial age before the planet’s annihilation from
an extinction level event, most likely due to a cosmocataclysm of some

Dark5 says:

Board a one-way flight to explore the secrets of Mars…

Dendrox says:

For all of the Christians, I don’t judge people for their religion, you
could even claim that Obama is God, I don’t care. Although I’m tired of
claims like “God only made us” or “any alien is just a demon pretending to
be an alien” If God is real then would he really make just one tiny little
blue/green rock have life on it? Think about this, the universe is
estimated to be over 13 billion lightyears long in all directions (maybe
more, some even theorize it’s infinite). Just one light year is about 9.5
trillion kilometres, not multiply that by 13.4 billion not just in one
direction but every direction. We are not alone my friends. 

MichaelMacosa says:

Needs more cowbells.

drevilatwork says:

No wonder we can’t find big foot. He’s on mars!

Azat L says:

did you know that soviet Russia, were maintaining new secret program to
settle humans on Mars? Do you know that it was canceled in case of moon
challenge? And now theres reasonable question – does USA can only ruin
everything and bomb defenseless country to proof theirs greed?

Plague Sage says:

sensationalist. The call to question the status quo, however, is

jesse merk says:

These are all real if you don’t believe in aliens open your damn eyes. Our
satellites have been knocked out of orbit on Mars NASA has. Videos of UFO
being shot down by extraterrestrials on the red and planet there are
countless galaxy’s out there and billions perhaps trillions of planets that
can harbor intelligent life and life doesn’t need water you never know
there could be life that evolved to eat rocks or crystals 

Vincent perez says:

Christians need to chill, be a Catholic like me.

♂xXOfficialBoyGamerXx♂ says:

There will be extraterrestrial beings in the far future. Can’t believe that
Christians are thinking that this video is “fake”. Damn they’re ignorant. 

manfred diego says:

Great music. Love the wave synth. Very DM.

Voyager * says:

ummm is these fotos real?? please somone tell

Timothy Smallwood says:

gorilla199, There’s no need for any fabrication of these great images,to
make a point how about stopping by Mars and take a few photos on your
camera phone? “Oh YEAH! The phone incinerated before ya could pull it from

Neil Sihite says:

Sangat Menakjubkan. Salam Dari Neil – Jakarta – Indonesia.

Swrve™ says:

I think there was life on Mars When monkeys were evolving but might of been
wiped out in some way. Experiments or something like that.

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