Aliens Caught on Tape: Real Evidence?

Jeremy Corbell joins Dave Rubin to discuss everything from aliens, UFO’s, Area 51 and much more. ***Subscribe to Report Report for more: …


Killua Zoldyck says:

Seriously Dave? There is 0 evidence of aliens visiting earth.. Good job
promoting ignorance and stupidity.

Isaiah Yoder says:

Protip: If shitty anecdotal evidence is the best evidence you have for
something, you don’t really have evidence.

Aggiesgigem says:

Anything that portrays aliens as humanoids is fake. What are the chances
they would evolve to be humanoids, just like us?…Incomprehensible…

Jeremiah Williams says:

I’m surprised and honestly kind of disappointed that you’re entertaining
this guy’s nonsense, Dave. Especially when you have people like Cara on
your show to dispel anti-science nonsense like this. Also, the fact that
this guy holds eyewitness testimony in such high regard tells me he knows
little about science and how we find the truth. Eyewitness testimony is one
of the least reliable forms of evidence–people can interpret things wrong,
our senses can be wrong, our brains can interpret things incorrectly, etc.
And saying “they have no reason to lie” is an absolutely meaningless
statement. Successful and repeatable experiments, predictions based on
models from derived from observations, predictions based on
experimentation, etc, are far more reliable than somebody who claims they
saw or heard something.

I’m not going to say there’s no chance alien life form is out there,
because the universe is too big to act like we’re the only ones. I’d
actually say it’s likely there’s life elsewhere in the universe. But people
like this guy just like to throw out questions shrouded in mystery and
testimonies and act like we’re on to something.

GreatPirateSolomon says:

Other people’s testimony is literally the worst kind of “evidence.”

Tom TheNorsman says:

The existence of UFO’s and extraterrestrials is an extraordinary claim and
will require more than just personal testimony, shaky amateur video and
blurry photos as proof. The day extraterrestrial life is actually proven
will be one of the most extraordinary events in the history the human race.
I hope it happens in my lifetime. 

CircularLogic says:

Ummmm…c’mon man…ugh, I’m disappointed…very, very disappointed. There
is as much evidence for Jesus, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, vampires &
Thor as there is for UFO’s. This story is the antithesis of sceptical.
Wow, I’m actually shocked &, as I said, disappointed. This hurts your

Koala Bear says:

0 credible evidence for humanoids alien and for any other intelegent
life… (Note I’m not saying there isn’t any I’m saying there probably is
but we have little to no evidence if it besides a few planets that may have
the capabilities of supporting some sort of life let alone intelegent life.

Note again I say there is probably life somewhere in our universe besides
us and if you don’t think so your closed minded and refuse general logic.

Michael Knives says:

I believe in a multi-verse and that statistically out of all of the species
that have achieved sentience across the infinite universes and time
lines…. A few of those species would figure out how to travel between
timelines and universes freely or even outside of the stream of time and
space humans can perceive…. That being said of course there are other
intelligent beings from other planets or even alternate earths and/or
alternate universes… And out of the infinite possibilities the travelers
visiting us could be humanoid from an alternate earth or possibly scientist
that have evolved from humans millions of years from now and they are
traveling back to study their genetic past….

chris pizzuto says:

till 5:00 he was cool then he starts talking about his personal beliefs
about dimensions i hate other dimensions get out of my house with your
extra dimensional beings bro.

Enlighten Ment says:

Lol you guys are really being fooled by the Satanic system. Believe in
“Aliens” as being superior beings but not God? I was told by knowledgeable
sources that Satan and his fallen Angels will disguise themselves as being
Aliens and superior beings from another planet. I suggest you wake up.

Jonathan Stewart says:

OK Dave, how could you just let it go unchallenged when he rambled on about
all the evidence out there for flying discs, including “back engineering?”
Thats a pretty extraordinary claim, and as of yet, there has been no
evidence presented to the public, other than conspiracy speak. If, as
Jeremy says, there are mounds of evidence, it’s the biggest story in the
universe, and guess what — it would be impossible to keep secret. You
should have stopped him there Dave, because after that, he no longer had
any credibility on anything, having revealed a pretty severe slant towards
the fantastic. 

Paul Gavin says:

#UFO’S Rubin Interview “;I Agree wit a lot of what is said here ??? p:+)>< 5 min clip & worth a look *Interesting Thought iI have also on what was said .

LivingInVancouverBC says:

There are no aliens, people.

Go back to watching Kim big ass… of a husband and other celebu-nonsense.

There is nothing going on. Go back to work.

Pay your taxes.


See LKGJHB? I’m doing my job!



Razorlust says:

Do we rerally need evidence other than logic.
The universe is beyond enormous. Is there life out there; an absolute
certainty. Is it intelligent life, without a doubt. Would they bother with
humanity; I would be disappointed if they didn’t have better things to
investigate, but perhaps watching humans be pathetically stupid, greedy,
selfish, violent, and generally disgusting, is like us watching cats on the

Grant Hutchings says:

So far the new Rubin Report has had great guests! I’m psyched that my
favorite YouTube show just gotten better on RYOT!

J Ribs says:

This silly man is driven by anecdotes and having faith in individuals.
People may not lie about their experiences, but they do become deluded,
especially when they’re sleeping (duh). I’ve always thought people like
this person were wrong but well intentioned. Carl Sagan’s Demon Haunted
World covers honest belief in the supernatural in the most beautiful way
possible. Just a recommendation. Anyways, Dave let the guy talk. That’s
totally cool. If the idea is nonsense, we’ll definitely point it out in the
comments section; giving a nuanced opinion to any who desire to read the
man’s critics. I’ll be the one cynical conspiracy hater to say this was an
interesting video with engaging conversation. 

Chris Cunningham says:

It would have to be peer reviewed and vindicated evidence…

I’ll entertain the hypothesis, but I won’t jump at the conclusion without
vindicated evidence.

Inazuma65 says:

I’ll believe anything with enough evidence backing it up. I am proud to be
open minded. Based on what I currently know, there is no evidence for
aliens but it is likely that they do exist.

TheVinster17 says:

I personally find the fact that anybody who claims to believe or have seen
something they believe to be extraterrestrial is automatically deemed a
“nut job” the most interesting part of this whole alien conspiracy
discussion. Just because they can’t prove it doesn’t mean they didn’t see
it. So you have no right to call them crazy. No, you shouldn’t just believe
what they say as fact, but be open to the idea that they saw something.

There are a few interesting stories regarding UFOs that I find plausible
through the past century or so. Most are obviously not. I do not subscribe
to the idea that they are aliens though.

Michael Knives says:

Millions of people worship aliens every Sunday lol…. God, Jesus, Allah,
Lucifer, Budda, Vishnu, Zeus, Thor, Aries, Angels…. No matter what flavor
of being you believe in or religion you practice… You technically believe
in aliens…

breakersigh says:

:v What scares me is thinking of a species of higher intelligence (be it
insect, reptile, amphibian) than humans, cause looking at how we treat each
other: I’m sure pride goes before the folly.

What I I mean by my upper statement is this. Will we ever learn? To truly
look past our differences and try to understand one another. Humanity is
not ready for extraterrestrial contact, they are not consciously ready. We
still have a hard time seeing past skin color.

jowarnis says:

Hey dave do you think that TYT is as bad as fox news? Both are super biased
full of bullshit and if something doesnt fit their agenda that means it is
wrong.. actually its not the question because im sure TYT and fox news are
equally horrible i just want to know your opinion about it.

Laszlo Vajda says:

There is video of supposed aliens. That’s bad evidence. Lots of people say
they have seen aliens, this is even worse evidence. Nice title BTW.

thepokekid01 says:

I honestly don’t know what would really get me to believe for real, I think
I am mostly just open to the idea, but more than anything, I just think it
is a fun subject to think about.

Spike Korbitza says:

ACK! My “news from a Jewish/gay perspective” is now from
a Jewish/gay/alien-visitor/conspiracy-enthusiast perspective?

UPgang says:

Dave, the Phoenix Lights were meant to be seen. Our analysis is the craft
was probably a hologram and suggests one possible interpretation of the
event . . . others may decode it differently.

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