‘Baby’ Alien found by farmer in Mexico – DNA tests and scans baffles scientists

Is this bizarre creature really an alien baby or just part of an elaborate hoax – and was it the cause of a mysterious revenge death? Mexican TV revealed the…


Christian1974 says:

This is nothing more than a premature monkey which the mother gave birth to
and them abandoned it. The poor mother must have been exposed to some large
doses or radiation, maybe she strayed too close to a leaking nuclear
There are many undiscovered creatures still roaming the earth, why do these
clowns alway jump on the “Alien” bandwagon???.
Man has been on the earth for 6,000 and we still haven’t found one single
shred of evidence to support the “Alien hoax” all we have is a bunch of
photoshopped pictures and lots of claims of Alien abduction by folks who
are full of hallucinogenic drugs.

kara says:

This is why aliens don’t visit us..

peach powder says:

‘The farmer drowned it out of fear’
You know your a fucking piece of shit when your first reaction to a small
harmless creature is to fucking kill it

Girard Morris says:

probably not that intelligent if it got drowned by a fuckin farmer. 

rapper250 says:

Man why do people come up with these fake hoaxes about everything on the
internet. I want to know if aliens are real or not but its impossible to
tell because every time you google about it there are millions of idiots
who have nothing better to do other than to create fake hoaxes and lies on

MinecraftGamingHD says:

It was a retarded baby Alien that the parents didn’t want so just left the
retarded baby in the wild to die 

Richard Mcginnis says:

they did the real dna test and it was some small local monkey

McGregor Mathers says:

I think the David Icke lizard people theory has some truth in it but only
in that – because lizards have the ability to grow new tails/regenerate –
some scientist decided to do a DNA experimental thing to see if they could
introduce that gene into humans to try extend human life – there seems to
be a fixation on longer life. Possibly it went horribly wrong. This is my
theory anyway on where Icke’s Lizard idea originated from. Someone
somewhere knew of this experiment and it turned into a chinese whispers of
‘there are lizard people out there’ – That is the only reasonable
explanation and it’s my theory – you heard it hear first!

robert glenn says:

Researchers wonder if this creature hails from another planet. Well, yes
indeed it does hail from the far reaches of humanity’s common

Sajid Khan says:

Apparently there are billions of galaxies in our universe, thus there are
billions of other Universes that NASA couldn’t find by far. I have been in
Alien contact since 10 years and met many types of alien species. They say
there are billions of universes outside our universe. One of my favorite
what aliens shown me is NOVA universe. however there are enormous number of
Meta-Universes which cannot be seen by our naked eyes. However when you are
gonna die you are going to see them probably.

John Cook says:

Looks like an immature monkey to me. There are likely to be genetic
aberrations from time to time. It certainly isn’t an alien or a small human
however. At 0:38 you can see the wide septum and that the upper right
canine is lengthy. This is indicative of new world monkeys. Hence it’s a
baby monkey and all that stuff about scientists and the rest of the
malarkey in the video is a clown act meant to bring out all the internet
fools, idiots and religious people. I can see it wasn’t all that effective
by the comments… Good for you who were not taken in by this siege of

Andreas Seier says:

Bitte helft mir. Ich bin auf alien-videos hängengeblieben

Rahul Andro says:

Hahahaha, in video description its written that farmer was killed by
alien’s parents….
Whats this? Some movie going on here -_-

Raccoon says:

Hm… I’d say it’s a monkey, but well, keep your theories 😀
Hey, let’s say it’s a young goblin. Thats appropriate too, right?

xSkitZx says:

I’m British too but this guy’s refusal to use a ‘g’ in ‘-ing’ words is

sarah alotaibi says:

يا تفو عليكم يا ذا الاجانب من كفركم تطلع كل فتره كائنات غريبه سبحان الله

Taffie Crist says:

Man why are they so many in Mexico

Malcolm Dale says:

If that’s an alien then I’m a monkey’s uncle.

McGregor Mathers says:

I wondered if it was an animal that had been skinned alive. If this isnt a
hoax then its part of a US experiment. I dont think its an Alien. If the US
had some secret do not tell the people alien agenda they would have hunted
down any escaped alien animals and caught or exterminated them a long time

Dixie Normus says:

My favorite part of this bit was the bean-farter who drown a 12 inch monkey
looking thing out of fear. Was he afraid of it carrying off his livestock?
stealing his children or perhaps eating all his crops. Even people making
up stories always start with killing what they don’t understand.

AD Faris says:

Is a rat, which has been dead for long time, his body is in a early stage
of decomposer, Where the fur is completely gone. the skin on his nose is
nearly gone showing the bone. the only reason it look like this, it might
be the cause of sudden temperature changes, which cause the decomposing to
slow down or stop. 

DeanoPiano says:

I watched a video a while back, it was a marmoset monkey and after it died
it was boiled and then put in this trap to cause controversy and E.T hype. 

G56AG says:

The DNA results are in and its a new world monkey! Of course you could tell
that by looking at it, those tiny monkeys are all over the place down
there, its hard to believe anyone would be fooled by this.

DaGingerHeadMan says:

The biggest story in human history and it’s relegated to this shitty
YouTube channel.
I think not. 

Ife Abraham says:

Oh my gosh… its not a freakin’ alien its just a hoax. You guys are
gullible if you believe that this weird, hairless looking animal is an
alien. There was a creepy, hairless looking animal that was found in the
sea and people thought it was an alien, only to find out it was a partially
decomposed sloth. “Kids”, not everything on the internet that people say is

Michelle Hannon says:

Awesome x

I King says:

Looks like a human fucked a rat.


ROFL to those christian religious fanatics , I think they are actually
worse than them muslim ones!
You know , when pioneers will finaly find alliens in another planet , or
even on earth , the pope and the other bosses will say something stupid
like ” oh , “god” put the alliens there because yadayadayada” …such
retards that live amongst us…thats why corporations rule the planet ,
cause they find stupid morons like those religious freaks that wont do
anything about their lives apart from “pray” !

Chad Mcfab says:

Brings up a good point, why is it that when humans are afraid, they kill
things ? This is why earthlings are not introduced to reality in
so many ways as we have not evolved enough to handle facts of life.

GAbe Pack says:

yep, this thing was highly intelligent thats why it died on a pole and has
that stare as if you shined your headlights at it and it was a deer :|

Bailee Anderson says:

I’ve seen this creature before….. I believe it was my husband’s mother


EpicDoom#Road2Silver1 says:

Aliens visit us and our immediate reaction is either run away or brutally
murder them. This is why we are alone in the universe.

mspinchey says:

Watch the videos on the Aurora TX alien that crashed into a windmill.
Watch all of them. And if you don’t smell government cover-up, then I
don’t know what to think. Those people were probably threatened and paid
not to speak about it. And then a deadly disease came upon the town. VERY
STRANGE. The well was cemented and fenced in in one video and parts of the
windmill were found around the well slab.

Deathgoon Gaming says:

POSSIBLY SOME ONE KILLED A PREGGO WOMAN and cut her unborn fetus out (sry
for caps)

Rida Mason says:

Another poor victim of pesticide nothing more.

alex g says:

its fake, is just a invention for atract turist

SergeantCaptainHat says:

*This is a monkey.*
*You farmers are fucking retarded.*

Mike Black says:

Hi there ! look my personal opinion is that those kinds of things
unfortunately they exist, and will persist. I’ have a personal memory my
self with such a creature…back in the summer of 2004 i was still a kid at
that time, but we both thought me and my best friend, that we can handle
the late nights life style.Until in one night when we where outside in a
park without lights,next to a big tree when smith fall from the sky and
basically drop with a big sound and remained there without moving in the
top of that tree. So we both become Stone we look at each other ….we
realized that was just from the Joint we’ve smoked it was nothing there
….So we Said God Bless America ! And we went home…But the next day
Something strange happened ! Some how we got to Discover that now we had
new abilities like: In that night i was Right handed but next day i was
holding the Blunt in the left hand ! That’s some serious shit man !!! And
my friend he start 2 smoke much more than he use too…..Anyway peace &
Love out there.

charles robbins says:

Highly intelligent enough to get caught in a simple trap, then be unable to
figure out a way of opening it? It must have really been starving to fall
for that old trick.

John Hoelzeman says:

It definitely not anything that we know of. After all those tests, maybe
they need to figure out that there isn’t anything else they can do, but
they could take it back to the farmers farm where he left it and bathe it
in light in case it was left behind by an intelleigent alien or dinosaur

Katie Nelson says:

I would expect a Rick Roll to come out of this video. But oh well!

rogierrainbow says:

a baby succubus a creature developed first by the anunaki but un tameable
,hermafroidith and supernatural it flee free.and still exists somtimes seen
as the mothman or being compared with a vampire.
after they created that creature they created the adamu the first men .

Ella Botgros says:

That’s a shaved monkey not an allien

John Paul Rosenbaum says:

Mexican children 

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