Real Aliens Caught On Camera

This is a collage of photographs from myself and Nasa as well as the simple internet 009 sound system music you can get their music from audio-swap or buy it from iTunes

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Sridhar Dev says:

Hey these r the fallen angels or devils, maybe trying to distract people from God or maybe making people atheists..

Ravyn Blood says:

Umm what?? 

Geeparis says:

Yes, yes, if it looks like an alien and writes like an alien (i.e. vocabulary coming from the gutter) – it most likely is! That means you’re one!

Austin Mitchell says:

All fake

Charles Walton says:

Please look at & comment on my VIDEO titled “Strange unidentifiable Animal with possible Alien UFO craft above it” etc..I have close up pictures of an animal on the road from my encounter. Zoologists cannot identify what type of animal it is! All evidence of what occurred vanished 10 hours after it occurred! There is a circular pattern on the road below the animal. Police were on scene but have no record of the occurrence! Many more recent ALIEN-UFO videos! See my videos and Subscribe! Thanks

1KRONIK1 says:

They come here take a piss

Rabbit InRed says:

nice, one of the first on the video was caught by surprise,obviously peeing behind a bush. I guess the saying is true,when you gotta go you gotta go. Maybe that’s why they’re always visiting Earth. We’re a pit stop while they’re headed somewhere else

madyz thapa says:

sooo real

john ward says:

0:49 an alien that dont like flashing lights lol yeah thats so real

joebeefchicken4 says:

what a piss take

messie tom says:

look guys this is no joke

messie tom says:

wow what the hell i sawed a hybird alien

messie tom says:

they look ill

messie tom says:

look guys this is on joke we see them all the time

Christalena Moon says:

I think their human in another form.

sergio duran says:

..yeap …is thrue…!!!… joke !!…….!

Chevy Silva says:

I love the music,and are those real or a mystery.
plus they look sick and scary.

naresh rt says:

is this true???????????

Ravyn Blood says:


ronaldpk2000 says:

Oh my God, I will get abducted by an enraged alien! LOL

GamerTribe says:

reptilian grey hybrid…thats scales

GamerTribe says:

i dont understand why people just give credit to the musicians whose music they put in the videos…after a couple of tries youtube will allow it because you give credit in the description. Meaning more press for the artist

greendjful says:

son de plastilinaa

mai morata says:

that’s creepy……… is that really for real ?

viperanaf says:

1:32 old Fashget – thumbs up

Nachalnika says:

what are they doing in the cemetery ?


look how thin and small the space ship was RIGHT???
Then look how big the Alien’s are???


agree with you

azurejolt says:

Look up alien interview. The alien at 1:43 is discussed in that video…By the way, statistically speaking, there is more than a 99.99% chance that other intelligent life exist out there in the universe….God created in His image and likeness=BULLSHIT!

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