Breaking News! Giant UFOs aliens keep coming to the Sun – January 27, 2013.

Review of images from NASA satellites: SOHO SREREO. For full information about the UFO near the Sun, as well as the disclosure of the secrets of the sun, the…


MegaTattoo69 says:

Those are glitches in the filming process, just spots they come and go, no
need to sell all your stuff and kill yourself… some of the frames have
hundreds of these glitches! NO UFO’s no end of the world, be calm
people..haha the joke is on the believer…


i just hope they got all of their shot before landing on this sick
planet…or maybe they will sterilize this rock and let nature start over
again just like we use radiation to kill cancer..there is no gravity…this
place sucks

donktheclown says:

Those Jupiter-sized ships are regulating the temperature of the Sun by
drawing of trillions of tons of plasma. This must be an attempt at stopping
global warming. They’re sort of like maintenance supervisors of a large
building or housing complex, and they’re simply adjusting the temperature
of the furnace….

solarstream4 says:


jaaasgoed says:

This video is brought to you by Adobe.

hy-brid su says:

oh they are massive

earthrooster1717 says:

you’ll get a surprise soon

Coopers Locksmiths says:

so what do you believe they are? natural phenomena formed like ships and

Erick Marshall says:

are you mental or something?

Kyles Isler says:

I love how these “real” videos start with a HUGE PRODUCTION COMPANY LOGO

Graeme Glendinning says:

The sun is a light not a fireball, thats why objects are seen close to it
research it, truths coming out, alot which now seems fantasy

Coopers Locksmiths says:

to sceptics – these are real phenomena. their size is intimidating, however
if they wanted to harm us they would have long ago. there is much we don’t
know as it has been kept from us. as to the chemical make up of the sun,
science as we are indoctrinated to believe, may even be incorrect. already
it is now known the moon is rich in gold and its believed the sun also.
there are lies and disinformation everywhere – but I do believe that we
have had “companions” for eons.

bittechslow says:

I saw a red dog today

Annunaki11 says:

Hey ..if they are a much more advanced race and they run their mode of
transport on electro magnetic energy … then so should we .

NIRVANA fist says:

Actually we are meant to comprehend , it’s the people with the big pockets
that keep truth away from us… What you think the government doesn’t have
this technology yet? Psh pls wake up

Lenny Garcia says:

so what are they doing it for? taking energy from the sun?

nobalmew5 says:

those arnt astroids becuz the sun reflects

Jmoney Scott says:

they are not ufos but they are used to hold the sun in place. you cannot
capture the sun on any type of camera because of the sun being so bright.
those things that you have seen are actually something that are used to
project what isnt there.

TheCasualAssassin says:

I’ve seen the truth with my own eyes. There are many many more
civilizations out there. Much older than any of ours. I long for the day
that the entire world will see what I have seen.

BlueRTheOnlyoNe says:

Ignorants – you will never see truth even if pushed into your eyes – those
aren`t the only one photos of Ufos near sun corona – go and look for
yourself – object big as our moon in suns corona – pictures can be found on
SOHO satelite site.

BirdmanandPrincess says:

I think you are correct in your assumption, but you really should do a
google search on the actual size of a trillion, you will find it is a lot
bigger than you think. if you gave each number 1 second, counting 24 hours
a day, it would take you 31,687.3 years to count to a trillion. so
……ya……saying trillions and trillions makes you

2Dcrazy01 says:

They kind of look like robot bugs.

sunmanpatoo says:

there are solar dynasties that live on and in the sun, read the works of
Srila Prabhupada for more info. I don’t know why this stuff is so hard to
believe as the most important godessess from ancient Egypt came from the
sun as well. (Het-Heru/Hathor, Sekhmet, and Aset/Isis)

nobalmew5 says:

they where near when the nuke in japan hit or china I forgot

Marco Polo says:

thoes are the other 7 sattelites flying around and anyways your looking at
the same ones over and over but i conted them all and their are 8
sattelites surrounding the sun so get it streight not twisted

Lord HighKommandantHQ says:

I think they a friendly to sum, deadly to others. Peace be upon you.

myunhauzen74 says:

What do you want to say to your statement?

papuaya wea says:

¡¡¡ It’s a conspiracy !!! hurry, if you want to be saved, give me all your
money, hahahahahhahaha…..

Appex Gum says:

я один русский кто миотрел это видео!?

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